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Mailkit je hrdým partnerem celé řady vládních úřadů po celém světě. Naše vysoké standardy jsme navíc podpořili ISO certifikací a aktivním členstvím v důležitých oborových organizacích. Bezpečnost bereme vážně, a tak i naše systémy jsou navrženy a vytvořeny právě s ohledem na ni.

Pro úřady

City of Efficiency case study


In 2014 the city of Efficiency (name changed to respect client privacy!) signed with Mailkit. Initially the contract and scope of work was limited to a local government newsletter. Very quickly the Department of Technology that was responsible for the implementation of information technology, realised that they had a far more powerful tool in their hands than initially thought, with not only email as a way to message but also SMS.

With many departments needing Mailkit’s services Efficiency issued each department their own self contained sub-account. This meant the Police, Fire and Ambulance services each had their own sub-accounts as did the towns parks services, vehicle registrations and sanitation, all the while the Department for Technology had overall administrative control. Within those departments the various users had access to their own campaigns, and before they knew it the city of Efficiency became way more… efficient... (sorry, that had to be squeezed in somewhere!). The cities residents had already been required to sign up to the city portal with their verified email addresses and mobile numbers if they wished to access the city services online. A vast majority of residents had done this so the possibilities of the distribution of notifications, fines and other government service information was ready and go to go.

Efficiency were ready to take things a step further and so started to get clever. The first to go smart were the Sanitation Department. They used the “Smart Templates” feature to start providing residents detailed and automated notifications by email and SMS of when streets were to have their water closed off during a pipe renewal project. They quickly escalated this to include notifications of incidents, so if a pipe burst a notification would go out over Mailkit to let people affected know something had happened, and that it was being dealt with. This reduced phone calls to almost zero during such unexpected events and allowed the Sanitation team to focus more on matters at hand.


The Department of Technology started to showcase the Sanitation department’s successes and others started to follow. The library setup automated reminders on late book returns by using a remote procedure call connected to Mailkit that triggered an email based on a smart template. The traffic department sent out fines on the spot and the fire department automated the issuance of business premises inspection notices. The Efficiency local government offices were using Mailkit to send out internal reminders about everything from too many mugs left unwashed in the 3rd floor coffee room sink to updates about family picnics. The Parks Department automated their work order assignments and notices for repairs and maintenance as and when the jobs were entered on the internal system. Efficiency did indeed see a huge increase in efficiency, and a massive reduction in costs.

If you want to see how we can work together to tackle unnecessary costs, reduce expenditure and free up more of your department budgets and time, then get in contact today. Come join the Efficiency drive that Mailkit provides the tools for.

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